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Indoor Gardening

Even though winter is upon us, there are still some things you can do indoors to keep on growing, and see how different kinds of plants grow in indoor environments. Here are two indoor growing experiments you can try, one fast and one slow.  Fast growth: Beansprouts  Beans are known for growing very rapidly. To conduct this

Perspectives: Why I Chose a Career in STEM

My path to STEM was not a conventional one. When I went to university, I majored in English Literature, Philosophy and Psychology, and I took many extracurricular studio art classes. After my Bachelor’s degree, I went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry. As I looked to the future, I knew I didn’t want to

Perspectives: Leaders of STEM teams

Today we’d like to introduce you to another side of STEM, through Mary Jo D’Angelis (MJ) – she’s VP of Technical Product Management with GE Corporate. MJ manages a team of 18 STEM professionals and has a background in education and working in STEM herself. And this is in addition to raising two children under