Perspectives: Meet Sarita Menon – A Mentor, Advocate and Leader in STEM

    Hello girls! Today we will be interviewing a special guest, Sarita Menon. Sarita is the founder and CEO of Smore Magazine, Women-in-STEM advocate and children’s STEM educator.

    Let’s talk to Sarita:

    GE Girls: Hi Sarita, can you please tell us about yourself.

    Sarita: I’m Sarita Menon, I call myself a science educator by passion and a science magazine publisher on a mission. I have a science engagement program where we do hands on science experiments and I have a science magazine that we put out called “Smore” – both of them are geared towards getting girls like you really interested in science and to let you know about some of the amazing people in Science! So that’s what I do.

    GE Girls: Wow, that sounds like you do a lot of interesting things in science!

    Sarita: Yes, it’s pretty exciting. There are so many things that we don’t know that after reading the magazine you will come to know; that there are so many options that you can choose from, so many inspiring women out there; we share their stories. In fact we even do sessions where you can talk to them online and ask career questions.

    GE Girls: What got you to STEM?

    Sarita: I was always into science. I loved asking questions. As kids we always ask questions. The thing about science is you not only ask the question but can figure out how to answer the questions using fun experiments. You can build stuff if you’re in Engineering. I was always into Science; and Zoology was my very favorite subject. I used to have very good grades in Genetics. Engineering was very good; Math was hard for me and it can be for a lot of us, but the thing to remember is that Math is also a very important subject that we need to know as young kids and for the future. So, keep at it – it requires practice; even though it’s hard keep doing it. I was always into Biology, then went on to do Chemistry, and then got my PhD in Cancer Biology, which was a mix of Biology and Chemistry, so I feel I’ve always been in STEM.

    GE Girls: Isn’t she awesome! If you have any questions in STEM, talk to her!

    Sarita: Absolutely, I’d love to talk to young girls. We’re available online through the Smore website. We have social media pages in Facebook and Instagram. We feature women and all their work. It’s our way of inspiring young girls to know what’s out there. You really can be what you want to be!

    GE Girls: Do you have any advice for young girls who want to pursue careers in STEM, or why they should?

    Sarita: If you love STEM, embrace that love unapologetically and keep nurturing it. There are problems in this world that will need your unique creative thinking skills. A strong foundation in STEM means you can be an important part of the solution and you can do anything you want; build robots, go to Mars or cure cancer. Your love for STEM is going to help make world better place.

    GE Girls: That was very inspiring Sarita! Thank you for taking the time to talk to our girls about yourself and your magazine.

    That’s what we have for today. I hope we sparked your interest in STEM! Hope to see you in another interview soon. Click here to learn more about Smore magazine.

    About the author: Arthi Vasudevan is a Product manager in Baker Hughes GE. She is an electrical engineer by degree and currently into control systems in Oil & gas applications. She is very passionate about STEM and aims to get more young girls into the STEM fields in order to eventually promote the number of professional women in technology and leadership positions.