Be part of GE Girls Club

Continue to explore the opportunities of STEM

Have you participated in a GE Girls Summer Camp, GE Girls STEM Sleuths, or Girls Inc. Summit in past?  If so, we have another exciting opportunity for you! We are establishing GE Girls Clubs in your area, with programs start in August. More information on how to sign up coming soon!

What is the GE Girls Club?

The GE Girls Club is a program that will focus on growing with you through middle school and high school. The Program will focus on STEM majors & careers related to those fields in unique, interactive & fun ways. We will provide you with hands-on experiences that you might not get anywhere else, including:

  • Interactive Projects – hands-on projects related to STEM careers!
  • Networking – network with members of GE Girls Clubs around the US!
  • Mentoring – mentoring opportunity with a GE STEM professional!
  • Field Trips & Tours – learn about STEM by visiting factories & facilities
  • Guest Speakers – learn from women with STEM majors in various careers roles
  • Scholarship Opportunity!